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I’m no health fanatic but a yummy food aficionado? Absolutely. I also love beautiful pictures and art. I love colors. I swoon over a wildflower garden with butterflies or a rainbow in the sky. So when it comes to wanting to make pretty food, I’m inspired by natures palette to be a little more creative.

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Eat your colors, or eat your rainbow, was a nutrition advocacy slogan from a few years ago. Here’s one article that enlightened me on the eating my rainbow. The concept was catchy and it seems that it really does round out your nutritional needs for phytonutrients. The yellow food is good for your skin and digestive system. And red helps our joints. And you remember orange is good for your eyes.

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Our appetite, or our mood to eat specific foods, has a lot to do with how food looks. If you see pretty, you want to eat it. So I’ve added a few recipes and practices to my cooking repertoire just to appeal to my visual. And of course, they make my body happy too because there’s more vegetables.

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I regularly buy purple cabbage to use in stir-frys, my warm salad, coleslaw, and to throw in my salad mix with shredded carrot which then makes it look good enough to eat with nothing more added. Red onion is lovely in salads, fresh fruit salsas, and just classes up the joint where plain onions can seem plebeian. I also now but the three pack of multicolored peppers, red, orange, and yellow plus the greens. I’m happy enough seeing all of these together.

But on top of gazpacho, in a stir fry, or in that fruit salsa to top off grilled pork chops, I am equally happy. It may become more challenging as we move into Winter but there’s a new crop of fresh produce to explore. Cranberries, butternut squash, and kale !

Do you think about the colors of your food? Do you agree that it seems more satisfying when you see more colors on your plate?

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  1. The husband doesn’t understand that when I make his fajitas or yaki soba(I don’t eat meat), they have red & yellow peppers and sometimes green and red onion, of course. Because it looks prettier!! I cook ergo it must look good too.

  2. You make the most rainbow looking delights! I love vegetables, and fruit salsa on pork tenderloin. Sometimes I feel so lazy about the prep work, but there’s nothing that tastes – or looks – better than a melange of colourful veggies!

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