I’m not unfamiliar with the doubt storm. It was always stormy where I grew up. And yet thankfully, all the hard self-work I’ve done, all the trust and safety I’ve built within myself and all the amazing creative tasks I’ve taken on have brought me geegobs of self-esteem. I have started to hear “I can” in my ear.

Doubt Storm on Shalavee.com

Until I hit a doubt storm. Again. And then I wake up to a shipwreck on fear island and no understanding of how to leave. Little fear-lets sitting at my feet hungry for more stories about how I can’t and how scary the world is.

Crises of confidence are commonplace for me. You’d think I’d have a steadfast plan for these times. A lever to pull in case of emergencies, a numbered step manual on what to do in case of an ego emergency. But it seems like I come fresh to the table every time with my lack of knowledge and loads of fear.

Doubt Storm on Shalavee.com

So I usually acknowledge it. I let it do its thing a little while, write a little in my journal, and call it the BS that it is. Then I go searching for ways to counterbalance it. To bring myself back up out of the fear muck and back to where I belong at the oars of my creativity craft taking on the next journey. OK that’s cheesy but you get it.

I found something today. A small speech by a truly lovely woman hosting a series of inspirational letters for creative women and entrepreneurs. And this is what she said. It is never about the destination and always about the journey. There is no happy montage in the middle of your life and then POOF you’re changed into that girl!

Instead it’s about following you creative passions and inklings step by step. It’s about starting. And it’s about knowing that you being you doing your thing will inspire other people to be them and do their things. Because the world needs that now and always.

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