My consciousness of my thoughts and the world brought a new concept to me recently which resonated. Do I think that “the world is for me or against me” ? Say something bad happens to me today, do I think that I deserve this? Is the world thwarting me in my efforts to rise? It may sound silly but I do believe that for most of my life, I had a tragic sense of lost or missed worth. That the world knew that I was less than and I was just complying with that decision until I was worth more. So yes, I believe I’ve held the belief that the world was against me. And That I couldn’t. But now I’m starting to believe I can.

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I do however recognize that if I believe I will receive help from the world, I will then manifest that help. If that means speaking to anyone who will listen about what I’m trying to manifest, then there’s the trick. We can not rise alone after all. And if the “world” means everyone I meet, I might as well hedge my bets on having them “for me”. I may need to behave as if I assume everyone will be nice and helpful. I truly think most people are.

I also recently realized that I’ve held tight to a belief that I Can’t do a lot of things. I’m not sure I’m looking at any evidence that supports that, it’s just generally something I’ve believed…until recently. If the world was against me and I lacked every skill ever to accomplish anything than perhaps “I can’t”. But I intuited too that if I believed I can’t then I don’t have to try because I already know how it’s going to turn out. I can’t.

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But in a practice I’ve adopted recently where maybe every other day, I write out 5 things or more that I’ve accomplished, I’ve begun to understand that there’s a whole heck of a lot more that I’m capable of than I ever thought myself capable of before. And the shift from I Can’t to I Can’t has been kind of surprising and lovely.

In a brain space where I Can, I have so much more room.  If I Can then …

  • I can decide what dreams I feel like pursuing and not pursue others’
  • I can make confident decisions about what clutter in my mind and my space can be thrown out
  • I can start anything with the understanding that my best effort is always pretty good and good enough
  • I can risk
  • I can plot new goals and new adventures for myself to enjoy
  • I can stay present

As I am sitting here deciding what to decide, to let go of, and what to do next, I realize that the “I Can” decision is one of the most mighty and empowering shifts, and gifts, I could have had. How about You? Can You?

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