I believe that our Capitalistic Society now suffers from obesity of possession. And I am just as guilty of this as anyone. I have two air pumps to choose from and a blow-up mattress that leaks. Two thirds of my beloved jackets and coats no longer fit me. And yesterday I tried on two or three pairs of short boots and judged them unworthy of taking up any more space in my closet. I wrote recently about my attic where I look like a shameful hoarder. The next step is decisions and empty boxes.

If I remember Marie Kondo’s sorting advice, save only that which makes you feel good. SO the trick is to use your heart and not your head when judging the value of your belongings. If it’s uncomfortable, in need of repair, or useless to you in the next month, it probably needs to leave the house. Holding yourself hostage to a future that may or may not include this object is kinda weird.

I have a theory I call the Empty Box Theory. You cannot begin movement until you have an empty box to move into. In the case of my dead mattress and broken humidifier, there needs to be a dump box or area. I am a master recycler for as much as is possible. It’s hard to put garbage out onto the earth but there’s no recycling these objects.

My need to feel comfortable these days is tantamount. So, I don’t want any tight clothing anywhere where I can reach for it and try to put it on my body. Sure, you can hold onto a few pieces of each smaller size. But if you’ve managed to lose 20 pounds, don’t you think you’d deserve to celebrate and get new clothing anyway?

Empty bags for the clothing, a dump run scheduled, or even a clean counter to sort on are all ways that you can move yourself onward and decrease your clutter. Because, like old Marie Konda, I feel that a cluttered visual leads to confused thoughts. And I’m ready to think and see clearly what’s truly important in my life.

A New Year’s Good Luck to you and to me!


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