It suddenly occurred to me what me and two other women bloggers I know have in common. Each of us strives to care-take and feed our families with passion and creativity. We love our role and these goals yet we do not feel the love for the term or fit the recognized role of “housewife”. We are a new breed of Mom.

Creative Caretakers.

Valuing our care of ourselves and our families, we don’t fit the cookie cutter mold of the minivan crowd catering snacks to sporting events and home-good selling parties. And that makes us a little weird. A bit like “those other people”.

Creative Caretakers from

But we will also be the first ones to hold our judgement and offer our support to anyone who is having a bad parenting day. Because this is a tough ungrateful job. And there’s no meritorious awards or service reviews. There’s just more unrelenting heartache, poop, and trouble. Housewifery ain’t what it used to be. Or what the media made it out to be.And doing it with humor and heart is all we’ve got.

1st day of school on Creative Caretakers on

And yet, deep down, without all the worry about what others may think and keeping up with the Jones’, it’s still exactly what it always really was : an unsung unglamorous heroine’s job to creatively take care of the future of the world and keep ourselves happy too. I am what I am.


  1. That looks like a lovely little lunch. I hope you had a few moments to sit and enjoy it like the good mama you are!

    • Of course, Jenny, I don’t usually have lunch like this. It was all for an Instagram picture. But I need to make more excuses to live prettier lunches.

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