I was raised by know-it-alls who, no surprise, expected me to know-it-all. And I tried, really I did. I watched and learned how to be liked. I achieved knowledge enough to converse with anyone about anything. I even aspired to make Dean’s list in college only to find out it was way too much stress for little reward. So I was happy with B’s after that.

I’ve still maintained this underlying belief that I am not a know-it-all and therefore can’t lead or teach because you must know-it-all to do that. I can’t value myself if I don’t have a degree in it.

But there’s a lot of skills that I have that I am confident in. I take myself for granted in many ways for the competence I show in Cooking. I respect my opinion on the quality of television shows and movies. And I’m a pretty good dream interpreter.

When I’d see other women offering life coaching, I’d cringe because, ”How could they know-it-all”? But what if I had permission to NOT know it all? Perhaps I’d feel relieved? Maybe I’d suddenly realize the comfort of just knowing and valuing what I know without always falling short. Maybe I could share what I do know and ask for other’s to share their own knowledge.

Maybe sharing who you are and what you feel you know authentically is being enough. Maybe I’m not broken but meant to be and know just who I am today.

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