Two problems with creatives. We’re control freaks and we’re often a little later getting to stuff. Or is that just me?  



I know I have already told you too much about my few Christmas disturbances. That my expectations about having time to play and then take pictures and put those up on the blog before the holiday hit the fan, were dashed to the floor. Um, expectations is the key word here that messes with me every holiday. And I’m better than I used to be.



Happily, I did have my decorations up. Not like previous years where I had to usher ornament boxes into the closet last-minute aka Christmas Eve.


And I was flying without a plan. Especially since I felt really terrific about the tree at the UU Fellowship in Easton.

So I just started. The idea that less is better. And whatever happens is meant to be.


DSC02525 (2)

I have some really fun props. I love my glowing Santa.

The bar corner happened with his kitschy self and then my Dixie Cup Cocktail Time party drink set.


Love my feather wreath.  And my brown paper flowers. And my envelope butterflies.



So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear readers. I am really loving the new picture side to the blog. It was long overdue and both the month of 31 Picture posts and the Decor8 Blogging e-course helped me to get over my hump of only wanting to talk at you. Now I’ll be busy figuring out how to balance and entertain both sides of my brain.


Interested in seeing 2012’s Final Christmas Decorations, they’re here. As promised the video tour is coming. Getting through the gauntlet of childcare known as the “Winter Break” before I want to attempt this maneuver. Have a lovely weekend and I ‘ll see you on the flip side Clyde.

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  1. I thought of you over the holidays, wondered if you’d managed to tame your expectations, so I popped over here today to find out. Two problems with creatives? That was an understatement for sure! Ha!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Suzonne. I am so pleased and flattered to have been in your thoughts. I wondered too if you had allowed for the fun and relaxation you seem to know you deserve. It was the last Christmas for Santa for my boy at 8 years-old. I could see his faith waffling. And the first for the baby so that was really the only gift I needed. Perfectionism and overachieving are hard habits to break. And breaking them the only path I think to enjoying our talents. Because lady, you make talent look silly. Hopping over to comment at your blog now.

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