This was my fourth year designing and decorating a 15 foot tree at our Fellowship in Easton. Besides all the trees I’ve fussed over for myself, the ones at my shop, I’ve had previous experience decorating trees professionally with my friend Pama from Moonvine. Both at her shop,

and at Annie’s restaurant on Kent Narrows. This slide show is composed of those Annie’s trees.


If this tree from the Festival of Trees in Easton looks familiar, that is because it was designed by the very same uber-talented Pama.

And she probably sneezed it up in her sleep.

It's a small world tree by Shalagh Hogan on

This big tree is my self-appointed challenge and this year, I went with the paper doll inspiration. Foreign flavored paper children holding hands.

My thoughts then went to stars and mini globes. Figured I might as well do a “think globally, act locally’ meets”It’s a small world” kinda theme.

And that’s what I did.

Understand that this large of a tree requires the right scale of ornaments to be seen.

They need to be Large. And you need different textures.


So the last-minute found me grabbing branches from the basement (you mean you don’t have spare branches lying around?),

and shredding more map pages from our old road atlas to make nests.

Plus making the requisite red bows.


 We filled in with left over brown paper flowers and hydrangea from years past and voilà,


the result was just the right amount of red and texture and movement.

I’m one happy Designer. I pleased myself and everyone else as well.

This was the perfect theme and the cost? Free.

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  1. There was a multitude of wonderful comments about the tree on Sunday…everyone loved the theme and we all wished you were there to get our hugs.

    1. Oh Judy, I do so appreciate your appreciation. Thank you. That was my gift to give. And believe me, I gave the same joy to myself in its making.
      Thank you again,

  2. Spectacular, Shalagh! Your place must look beautiful, too, all decorated. I haven’t even begun. My husband is sick with pneumonia so we haven’t even got our tree yet! Hope you’re doing well. Love, Amy

    1. Oh no Amy, my house hasn’t got any Christmas up yet.That was for the fellowship we belong to. I don’t even get into the mood until a week into December. We’re going to get a tree this coming weekend. And then today my kid’s telling me that there’s two weeks until Christmas. No shopping done, no decorations. And yet, I am not worried for once. I have everything I need already, ya’ know? The rest I’ll cough up for the kid. Except the tree will be on a table because of the baby Fiona who wants to start walking by the New Year!
      Mark had pneumonia after we’d been dating for like six months. I had to fight to get him on Levoquin. And even after he got through it, he had his own pulminologist. It’s tough stuff. I wish him a speedy recovery.
      Love Ya’,

  3. Shalagh – I love it. Beautiful balance of textures and colors. And so much recycling! Cat litter bag liners and coffee filters – WOW! And green hydrangeas, and white twigs and paper dolls. So striking on the dark green. I do believe you are well on your way to having your own special style. Awesome.

    1. Did you notice that I used and totally copied your paper dolls as an inspirational starting point. I think my style has always been there, I’m just daring to let it speak now. Thanks Sis.

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