I had a profound and liberating thought this past weekend.

What if we knew and understood that every day we understood our ability to ground and anchor our thoughts. If we could lead ourselves with knowledge and intention through our days instead of reacting to fearful feelings that take over and derail us. Take myself out of autopilot. What a different life I’d lead.

Choosing to Live in the House of Can on Shalavee.com

Somehow we get our feelings tangled up with our facts. We can believe that how we are feeling, mainly fear, means there was something to be afraid of. But that truly isn’t the reality most of the time.

With all of these thoughts that we have, the perception that we are powerless against our own feelings and thoughts means that we are powerless against ourselves??? Powerless against ourselves. And further we feel powerless against the news and our neighbors and anyone who crosses our path. That just seems a little crazy and exhausting to me.

So I am thinking that perhaps I need to create a mantra, a spiritual practice, every day to remind me that in every moment there’s an opportunity to choose how we want to think about our lives and our purpose for our days. And perhaps I won’t dwell so much in the house of Can’t as much but instead in the house of Can.

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