Setting boundaries is something I could avoid the rest of my life and be happy. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have boundaries. My feelings and needs were a little inconvenient for everyone, I was too much.

But recently, feeling so completely overwhelmed with the onslaught of Christmas, that when several people began to need me to be and do things, I was forced to put up boundaries.

I had to say, no, I can’t do that right now. I have too much going on and I really can’t handle the extra load or the pressure. I had to do this to three men who aren’t related to me. And it was exhausting.

I’ rather say, sure, I’ve got you. When do you need that by? Yes!!!

Because confrontation, saying no, and putting limits and boundaries up is hard. Did it help? Not at the time, because overwhelmed. But after a while, I was glad. I was proud of myself. Because in the end, I need to have my own back. Plus, my family’s.

So if your husband thinks it’s a good idea if you go do some research on a new phone that he might want too, tell him you ain’t got no time for that Delegation Man and how about if he calls that geek friend of his to get the lowdown. That was this morning. Maybe boundaries are easier with the people that you love because you’ll know that they’ll keep loving you.

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