Occasionally, I read pieces where bloggers praise downtime as a great benefit for their creative process. Silence is golden to the creative mind and provides an opportunity to listen to new ideas appearing within ourselves. After posting for the 31 days of October straight, I agreed wholeheartedly that that is exactly where I needed to be too.

The day I came out of my Hyper Speed October, the clocks got set back. The first day of November with a feeling of “extra”. And then me and my family spent the rest of the day replacing light bulbs and batteries around the house. A lot of them were out or dead. There was symbolism afoot.

Day of the Dead lights on Shalavee.com

I was worn out and my brain and house were slightly more cluttered than I cared them to be. My own inner batteries needed recharging and my light bulbs needed replacing. The extra morning daylight and the sudden comparative downtime provided for that as three days a week posting is a lighter load than 7 days a week.

Gradually I began to catch up. My house became clean enough again. Slowly my email box has been cleared. And I have taken time to write in my journal again. Dare I say that after a month of self-induced craziness, It felt almost luxurious to not be “on” every single day. I realized I’d unintentionally forced a perspective shift. And I liked it.

pigeon headed Eamon on Shalavee.com

And now I’m ready to prioritize my plans, projects, and family. When I look ahead to what I need to get done, I don’t panic, I plan a little bit. I was able to spend family time today because I’d done some homework, felt grounded and cared for, and am generally more pleased than disappointed with the plans I’m feeling burble up for the rest of the year and my life.

So my hope for you is that you too allow the enjoyment, the perspective, and connection with your priorities and arrange both the downtime and the push time to feel proud of yourself. To feel that you are pleased with your progress or goals and that if you aren’t, set some smaller goals to accomplish so that you can build your esteem and self-trust to tackle bigger ones later. Value yourself and your life as a process rather than a result.

And above all, allow for the perspective, the regeneration of energy and spirit if you need to. All work and no play makes us all dull girls.

Do you have any goals you need to put somewhere? I’d love to hold them for you. If it would help, let me have and hear them in the comments section.

Love Ya’,


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