My friend and I were having a heart to heart, that spill your overwhelm kinda talk. I’ve heard these words before from both her and myself and of course my suggestion is first to get it all out of your head and on to paper. Lists reorganize and rend the tendrils from you mind so that you may see what you’re truly dealing with. And she said, “Yes, but…”.

A Case of the Busyness on

But the busy may just be a disguise for the stuck. For the balking of making the deeper more decisive decisions. What if busy is the easy path? We can distract ourselves with busy thereby avoiding the issues that scare us. The choices that might mean change, for good or bad.

Our busy has become a subterfuge, a shallow pool to thrash around in and distract us from the exact things that may need more time and more effort but also may bring relief from our perpetual activity and anxiety. Our busy’s a ruse. I eloquently wrote about this state of my being last year here.

A Case of the Busyness on

So I suggest, pick the one thing that you need to do to make a big difference, in how you feel about your life, in your competence, or in your environment. And then unplug everything (literally or figuratively), set yourself a timer for 20 minutes, referred to as the Pomodoro Technique, and start. Shove fear right on its butt and out of your way and tell yourself you are making a difference today. And when that 20 minutes is up, go pee or get a drink, and set that timer for another 20 minutes and keep going.

Today can actually be the most productive day of your life if you only get out-of-the-way of the busy and let it be. I always know the exact thing that scares me the most. And I’m gearing up to do some Don Quixote days soon on that stuff. Would you like to join me and kick some windmill butt too? Tell me here or somewhere what you’re avoiding and let’s all support each other in moving the heck on with it.

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  1. Gearing up to gear down… I’ve always worked. Initially because of need ($) and that, over the years that oozed into $ need and emotional (be busy/self worth need). Today I’m going to tell my boss I’m retiring. Hopefully February 28th, giving me time to gear down gracefully.

    1. Oh good for you Carm. I can see how your job could be a good distraction from some tough stuff. Because you may need to make some caretaking decisions on your own behalf now. Good Luck Lovely!

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