I have felt a little more ambitious of late. Feeling the pride of a few recent achievements and thinking maybe I want a little more out of life. And then there’s that fear. The doubt. The resistance. When your silly survival self kicks in and asks, “Do I really want to achieve that goal you are finally talking up?” If you answer is a, “Hell Yeah!” then I feel certain in saying, if you put some effort, though, and a little energy into the following 7 steps, you will achieve the goal you are after. (And let your inner doubting naysayers know that they have become boring and unoriginal.)

  • Pace Yourself – Take it slow and steady. It feels really good when you start so try not to sabotage yourself by doing too much in the beginning. Biting and chewing. Layout a long-term plan that feels doable in small chunks with time enough. Schedule it all out and follow through. Nice and steady.

  • Arm Yourself – With the tools that you need and people who can if you can’t. The time you need and the tools necessary to start.

  • Face Yourself – Say it out loud. That which you want, are afraid of, are choosing to do to thwart your own efforts. Own it and then leave it on the ground and walk away.

  • Cheer Yourself – Music, rewards, notes and supporters. They’re called incentives. They’re kind of good thing.

  • Allow Yourself – Write yourself a permission slip. “I Shalagh do hereby give myself permission to go ahead and take an exercise class” or “submit a piece of writing to a magazine I have no confidence will want to publish it” or “make art today”.

  • Surround Yourself – Friends, people you admire, for accountability and belief. Tell one person and then another what you believe you may be capable of and listen to them as they agree with you. Ask them what your strengths are and bask in the feeling of being admired. And collect your kudos and team member names somewhere to remind yourself you are never alone.

  • Write yourself – Write out the goals, the steps, when those steps are actually taking place, how it feels to be doing this, and a note to future you that you can seal and open when you get to a designated point.

    I find it funny how I can have a dream for such a long time, years maybe. And never say it out loud or write it down. That something so simple and human as an itch for change or growth or curiosity can remain unscratched. And all I ever really need to do is say it out loud, write it down,  and tell it to someone else and it begins to take on a form and a life of its own. Until, when it finally happens, I think back and laugh at how it wasn’t even a possibility at one point. Like my children. Or my writing a blog. Ludicrous then, the reality now.

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  1. Hey, Shalagh! It’s great to see this, but I always need a constant reminder of my goals. I was going to write them down, but haven’t. I think I have them all in my head, but maybe I will write them down. Great advice.

    1. If there isn’t one bit of advice I now would holler from the hills Amy, it’s write down the goals. Even if they are the most ludicrous things you can imagine. Because there is no journey without a destination. And you deserve the adventure and reward of that journey to where you think you’d like to be. And we model that for our kids. That’s always the kicker.
      Love Ya’,

  2. This is a great list, Shalagh! Writing down goals is soooo important. Breaking those babies down into steps that go into a calendar or schedule gives you the power and opportunity to get them done. Keep me posted!

    1. Thanks so much Lillian. I am not always the best at goal setting. Do as I say, not as I do. Don’t want to be a hypocrite. But then I thought, I can always look back on my own post for inspiration. I know where it is. Thanks for stopping by. I was thinking about you yesterday.

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