Our Weekend In Pictures

I thought I’d leave the blog this week with snapshots from our busy busy weekend past.

We had Library appreciation Day and a birthday party nearly two hours away for my friend Claudia’s miracle baby Noah.¬†

And the first day of 8 weeks of Soccer “lessons”.

bouncy ride at library appreciation day from

bouncy ride at library appreciation day from

Hanging out with Ivory in the bouncy thing

Library appreciation Day on

This guy playing with Fiona almost broke my heart

clean and ready on

Freshly bathed for the party

Mommy's vanity on

Mommy’s vanity, scene to these crimes

Fiona at the Little Gym Birthday party for Noah

Baby calisthenics

Happy Birthday Noah on

The Birthday boy is the one with the binky in his mouth

Mama Claudia , Happy Birthday Noah on

Noah’s mamacita Claudia

courthouse green playing on

Playing on the Courthouse Green

peek a boo at the courthouse in Denton, MD on

Peek A Boo at the courthouse in Denton

She's ready for her close up on

She ready for her close up

Boy shoptime on

 Shop time with the boys

Pooped from the weekend on Fiona’s tuckered out while Eamon plays soccer

I may have thrown a few in from a previous weekend. But what seems mundane as you live it becomes more interesting later.

So there you go.

Hope your weekend is just as you want it.

Either filled with fun or really boring and relaxing.

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  1. Dawn Pearcey says:

    So many fun activities and smiles! And busy, busy too. I especially love the shop time photo with the boys. Happy weekend to you and yours too!

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