Turnbridge Point Bed and Breakfast Open House

One of the facts of home-ownership is that you can’t pick your neighbors. And when our neighbors of nearly nine years sold their house last year, we were slightly apprehensive about who would replace them. Meme was a third grandmother to my son and Mr Ray helped me many times when stuff went awry and Mark was working.The front  hallway in Turnbridge Point Bed and Breakfast from

We bid them farewell and waited for the new neighbors to move in. Being an optimist, I placed a welcome home card in the mailbox to greet my new neighbors. And we then became the luckiest family in town when Chef Steve Konopelsky and his spouse Rob Griffith moved down from New York to the Eastern Shore of Maryland with plans to make the beautiful mansard mansion and riverfront property into a bed and breakfast.

The library TV room in the Turnbridge Point B & B on

We chatted when they walked their beagles by the house and we chatted over the bushes and began a food friendship ushering our son out the door to deliver and pick up food next door. Did I mention Chef Steve is a pastry chef? He’s also a feeder like me. And Steve and “Robin”, as Fiona calls him, have already established themselves as kind and doting Uncles. Double score.

One of Five bedrooms at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

Upstairs hallway at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

Last Friday May 15th, The Turnbridge Point Bed and Breakfast in Denton, Maryland had its official unveiling and open house.

One of Five bedrooms at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

For accommodation descriptions visit but suffice it to say, Chef Steve is a service industry professional.

One of Five bedrooms at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

View through the rooms at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

His rooms are luxurious and comfortable and his food is extremely yummy.

One of Five bedrooms at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

And there’s an air of indulgence in his “Stay and Play Packages”.

Offerings include private baking lessons, breakfast in bed, and a tour of Harvest Ridge Winery in Marydel, Maryland.

Steve and Rob hosting their Open House at the Turnbridge Point Bed and Breakfast on

The owner of this local winery was serving his local wine at the Open House. Chef Steve had goodies and gnosh food to chew as we gabbed with friends and community members. So many faces from a community I feel I’m just starting to know in ways while Steve has an impressive way of throwing roots out into it so comfortably. He used locals to design his website and his flowers and renovate the kitchen to the perfect catering kitchen. And he pairs with many local businesses to create his Play Packages at Turnbridge Point.

Guests at the Turnbridge B & B open house on

Flowers at the Turnbridge B & B open house on

At nightfall, this beautiful property was lit up with lighting designed and installed by my husband Mark and his lighting company,

On Your Mark Lighting Design and Equipment.

The view of the river at the Turnbridge B & B open house on

Shiny nautical themed lanterns lit a path down to the riverside. And uplights lit the front of 119 Gay Street and made the event a grander affair.

The front of the houise at the Turnbridge B & B open house on

My children wandered about for a little while saying hello to familiar faces and grabbing crackers off trays.

Juliette and Fiona at the Turnbridge Point open house on

And I met and talked with a few people I have wanted to get to know about travel and life experiences.

Guests at Turnbridge Point open house on

Guests at Turnbridge Point open house on

Guests at Turnbridge Point open house on

The hosts, the weather, and the spirit couldn’t have been lovelier. And we so wish them luck in this marvelous endeavor.

Fiona and Eamon at the Turnbridge Point B & B on

But something tells me, they don’t really need my wishes of luck. They’ve already worked super hard and with their future on this property envisioned,

are well on their way to making their vision a reality.

My Chair is Where…

There in the corner is my chair. Overstuffed khaki slip covered large butt chair with a faux sheep covered ottoman.

My Chair is where…

Mother's Day kitties on

I write and receive morning guests.

I drink coffee and talk with my husband.

Mother's day in my chair on

I give “snuggles” and pets.

Fiona and Me Selfie on

I watch TV or tune out.

Fiona in my chair on

I breastfed my babies and watch the traffic go by.

Babies in my chair on

I catnap and connect my dots, ponder my value, and write in my journal.

Chair pile up selfie in May '15 on

Cats perch on the chair back behind me, children wedge their ever-widening butts beside me, and occasionally we take morning time selfies to amuse ourselves and remember…my chair is where it all starts.

Butterflies Are Free

Last year at this time, I was asked by Susan Langfitt, Volunteer & Community Events Coordinator for Talbot Humane, to take part as an artist and decorate a chair for the Talbot Humane Society’s fundraiser. They raised 17,000 last year for the puppies and the kitties between their live and silent auctions. Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Again this year, she asked me to “paint” a chair and this year, it was a child’s chair to be auctioned off at the benefit auction. I said sure but then was so absorbed in teaching my blogging workshop that I ended up pulling it together last-minute. As usual, I’d say it really turned out well. As I did with last year’s chair, I did a  little decoupage and a little paint but really wanted to leave the raw wood exposed as much as possible. butterfly fabric for inspiration for my collaged chair on

The inspiration for this year’s chair was from this fabric with the neutral vines and branches on white background with colorful butterflies popping off the surface. I had made some cards on which I used shapes cut from old encyclopedia pages color washed with watercolors. And that was what I knew I needed to use for the butterflies. Again I love using the vintage paper in the design. Watercolor Butterflies on

I decided the vine lines would be more childlike if they were swirly and exaggerated. I may retry a more sophisticated version of this on another piece of furniture later but this worked for this child’s Adirondack chair.Three quarters of the chair for the Talbot Humane Society

I named it Butterflies Are Free and my chair is being displayed at Ouvert, an art gallery, museum, and gift shop in St Michaels co-owned by my friend Jen Wagner-Campbell, until it goes to the auction being held this year at the Avalon Theater at 6:30 on Friday May 29th, 2015. For more information on the Rock On Talbot Humane project, contact Susan Langfitt at 410-822-0107 or

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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.

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