We are just about to enter the 18 month mark for the Covid-19 pandemic. This alone has caused people’s overwrought nervous systems to exhaust the population. The overproduction of all these fear hormone will lead to a future onslaught of health problems. But my greatest fear is that as this continues, the fear in combination with the lack of human interaction will cause people to become feral.

We need to still endeavor to get out and laugh with the people in the grocery store line even if it’s from 6 feet away. Our continued connection with others reminds us that we are all part of humanity and not so scary. But if we continue to act like everyone is frightening and should be avoided, I fear there will be a generational bruise on our psyche.

The visual media brought education and information with it, yes. But it also brought advertisers ho have no qualms praying on our fears to keep us watching. We have convinced ourselves that knowing is somehow controlling. And the more we watch, the less in control we feel actually.

If this cycle sounds familiar, I suggest putting yourself on a news diet and joining the world from a safe distance. Get out to a park and watch people. Wear your mask as you see fit but it’s harmful to stay away from humanity for too long. It makes you feral. You forget the niceties of being in community and begin to think that you are the center of the universe.

While I’m happy that we’ve done our job to keep this virus from spreading, I’m also begging us to stay together and remember how much we need each other. Even if it’s 6 feet away for a little while. We need to witness one another to remember who we are. And that we are not just puppet bodies for our fear to move around daily.


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