Every decade we are bombarded with viral trendy pop-psychology or amusing catch phrase.

Where’s the Beef. You Go Girl. Peace Out. It’s All Good. Whoop There it is. Talk to the Hand. Don’t Have a Cow. Agree to Disagree. Drop it Like it’s Hot. Just Saying.

The very one I am completely irked by and done with is, “You Got This”. It just won’t die off seven years later. The insincerity of peppy positive people saying “You got this” makes me cringe at best, glower at worst.

I’m flattered that you feel you need to act like you believe in me. But you don’t know me. Not knowing me prevents you from having faith in my abilities. I don’t always have this faith and you are certainly not allowed to have more than me. Faith in our fellow humans is a great thing until insincerity ruins it for everyone.

Further, I may be suspicious of what you want from me with your false cheer leading. Or do you just want to look like a good person and make sure I like you? If that’s the case, perhaps saying “I’m here if you need me” would be more sincere. Or “I’m rooting for you”.

I’d like for the world to offer more genuine thoughts of positive humanity back to itself. Compassion and sincerity we would offer up with quotes like,

Believe that you can and your halfway there”,

Forgive Yourself for what you didn’t know”, or

You can if you think you can”. Perhaps they’re not as catchy but I do feel the sincerity from each of these. And I would admire you if you said them to me.

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