I am fairly certain you would agree that getting an actual letter in the mail from a friend is one of life’s little gleeful joyous gifts. It feels nice to get positive comments on our Facebook pages, yes. But a card in the mail with words meant just for your eyes? Heaven.

Thank you card from Write Me a Letter on Shalavee

I was so incredibly intrigued when I fell upon Kim Werker’s Write Me a Letter page on her blog. She seems like a super swell lady and she would like for you to entrust to her your creative fears put on paper and delivered to her door in Vancouver. Of writing letters to friends in her younger years, she says, “Even if my friend never wrote back, I needed to have the experience of examining myself from what I anticipated might be their perspective. And I needed to feel, sometimes, like I got things off my chest. I needed to share the burden.

That sharing and letting go of mental burdens was certainly the impetus behind the PostSecret project. If you are unfamiliar with this project that turned into something amazing, visit the post secret page and you’ll quickly be stunned.

Close up of thank you note from Write Me a Letter on Shalavee

I have very fond memories of a pen pal from grade school. And I was once voted the person most likely to have just sent you the last card you received. I love sending people stuff by snail mail. And I suspect I am not alone in this love. I am awaiting a new pen pal match up exchange from the postmark society arranged by Bedside Design’s Christie’s Jones and Kory Woodard. View the description here and here.

In the end, we are made of our connections. They are scrolled on our hearts with calligraphy flourishes. And they can only be installed there with interactions. Kind and thoughtful interactions. Ones that mean more. Like a piece of you someone can hold. A letter, a photo, and words you have touched.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone you liked or loved or wanted to gift your support or admiration to? If you want me to write you, find me on Facebook and direct message me. I’ll be glad to.


  1. We are kindred souls. I have also been voted the only person who still sends handwritten/crafted cards and letters! I have been curating a list for Valentine’s Day and what goodies may be enclosed…well, it’s a lovely surprise. xo

    • You were surprised? I am not. I’ll be sending you something. Need to message me your address then. Yay!

    • That ends up not being my art though I do love it so. I am inspired by the creative people around me to do stuff. Thanks for being one of those people.

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