If you were told you’d been volunteered as an event planner and decorator for a royal ball, you’d laugh your butt off right? But regular people across the globe will do their best to plan and execute a special event all on their own this month mostly without professional help. And I’m darn proud of all of them for their upcoming efforts.

We pull it off, you and me, every year. That once a year special event for which we have to send out a hundred invitations, cater quantities of food, and decorate huge floral centerpieces for. We spend lots of time and/or money to gift everyone we know with the right present as if they’re all having a birthday at the same time.

Yes I mean Christmas.

It’s truly a miracle we all don’t lose our minds feeling overwhelmed and incompetent. But then the end comes and you sigh with relief that it’s over and think perhaps there’s a better way to execute it next year. Until the next year comes and you have the same game plan as always.

At my house, I make it all look so easy to accomplish. Deep down I do love it. But I also would love if anyone could do the majority of it so I could just make the wrapped presents pretty and decorate the house for multiple uninterrupted hours. The cleaning and card sending and even the cooking I could farm right out. Alas, last year, I accomplished the musts but fell short of the wannas. Holiday expectational debts I would soon forget.

But last year, the kids were treated to a Christmas just as they should with sweets for breakfast and Santa gifts and stockings brimming with stuff. They played with their stuff, bickered about sharing each other’s stuff, and played at a couple playgrounds. Oh and watched multiple movies. And then attended one more holiday get together to be showered more gifts from family.

Hoping you make sure to get your needs met during the siege of the holiday event season. That your gratitude for being surrounded with the ones you love surpasses the anxiety of cookie baking and clean toilets. I eventually always find relief and rest after the chaos finally, basking in the afterglow of a job well-done and look forward to having the brain room to get back to regular creativity.

Let the planning begin.

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