Well here it comes, the big 49, Tomorrow. Wow. How am I feeling about it ? So So. The wine Wednesdays I allowed for this past August are proving the Dickens to shave off my slower metabolizing body. I know I am not my body but I was so enjoying the ability to wear all my old clothing when June arrived. Sigh.

My mental place is so very much better than it ever has been. Hope is burbling up in between things. Bigger ideas, bigger challenges, more friendships. And when terror tries its takeover, I just hand it pen and paper and asked it to have a seat and describe itself and I’ll be right back.

Life has never moved as fast as I wanted it to in the direction that I wanted it to. And has zoomed by in other ways. But I am still in awe and wonderment that I had that little girl not so long ago. And staying present and appreciative is my attempt at owning and enjoying what I have. And how old I am.

Here’s to enjoying my people celebrating my day. To being present and grateful. And to being one more year full of wisdom and wonderment.

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  1. The older I get, the more precious birthdays are. They are badges of my ability to soldier on despite life’s effort to knock me down. Plus, I know I don’t look my age 😉
    (I’ll send proper birthday salutations tomorrow!)

    1. Well yes and Yes Jennifer! I happen to be blessed with the same anti-aging gene. Thank goodness I’m that much wiser because life makes more sense and gets easier with every bit of wisdom I gain.
      Thank you so much and love to you and your hubby and fur babies,

  2. Happy birthday! 49 hey, with a 3 year old! Impressive….you’ve got 10 years on me, and it seems twice as much energy as me. Glad it’s all going well. You also give me hope as I approach 40 that I can have another lil’ one. THankyou for that.

    1. Thank you Andrea. I may seem like I have more energy Andrea because I talk a lot. I realized I really did want one more no matter and my wish came true. She’s as cute as she can be but it’s entirely possible my head will explode before she moves out.
      Love to you,

  3. Happy Birthday, Shalagh!! Here’s to many years of wonderment and staying present each and every day. Wishing you a wonderful day full of surprises, friends, and laughter. Love ya, Hugs!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Amy for the lovely and happy thoughts. I rammed through what I wanted to have happen today. I had great food I made, toes painted!, and my kids got on my nerves only minimally. SO that’s a good day.
      Love to you,

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