I was wandering about on Pinterest several months ago and fell upon the “green onions picture”. I was fascinated at the idea that these green onions had been lopped off at the top and still insisted on regrowing. Surely this had to be a tale. A ruse. A parlor trick. And so I endeavored to try it myself. Green onions only cost 50 cents a bunch  and many a bunch has gone droopy in my “crisper” drawer.

I lopped the tops off, plopped them in a glass Flintstones mug, and stuck them up on the window ledge. And, as you can guess, they grew. I repeated this operation with the same bunch. Again with the growing. Follow me as I extract my trademark positivity from this.

How many times have I been cut down and grown back? A lot. The need to grow and endure and reach for the above lives in all of us, plant and beast. Not to just survive, although sometimes that’s all we can do for a little while. But to accept the loss and move forward because, in the end, there’s no other choice.

And there will be a point when we look back and say, hey look where I used to be. And now I’ve grown above the rim of the glass I once thought was too far away to ever reach. One day after another after another, I reach out of myself to connect with the world and better myself  in the process.  I admire this bunch of onions in and out of their Flintstones cup. There is no other choice but to just grow.

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