My head has been near explosion point since this past Tuesday. Not that I wasn’t already confused. No, it wasn’t Valentines Day or my kid that put me in this state, although my kid took some of my sanity that day. It was the blogging seminar I attended.

I have been in this blog creation process for a while. But it wasn’t my idea. Someone I knew insisted I should do this. So I figured she knew what I didn’t. I’ve been trying to weigh the benefits and the deficits ever since.

Creating a blog is a lot more complicated than it first would seem. Come up with the name. Register the name. Install the program. I did create a killer logo. But the site is still being built.

I have a hard time doing more than just posting. Seems it is not just about what you write. Blogging is about communicating with like minded people. Pulling them in to interact with your newly created world. It’s about linking and key wording and optimizing. It’s about selling yourself as a product.

I’ve discovered that I’m invisible to myself, and thus the world. I have no idea how to do all these tasks to promote myself. I don’t know what my “niche”-y-ness is. I don’t know who my audience is. Because I don’t know who I am. I can’t even seem to fake it.

I have too little of an ego to turn up on a radar screen. I’m not slick or contemporary. That natural inclination to want everyone to see and hear me right now is missing. My mass communications degree is worthless. It’s a new world and it does take bravery and rudeness to make it here.

I am just plodding along and muddling through my days with a huge heaping portion of honest retrospection. And I’m not sure how that translates into niches and audience. But I am the turtle not the hare. And I figure I will do something until I do something else, even if it’s wrong. Here’s to plowing through fears one at a time starting with going public and becoming non-invisible. Good Luck Shalagh.

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