Last week on Instagram, I announced the conclusion and wrap up of my jump start to self-betterment, my #28DaysComeWhatMay project. Now it’s time to tell this story on the blog in detail. While my project has officially ended, I am still going strong with my resolve for regular exercise and whole food eating. l started this project a little earlier than May 2nd.

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May I remind you that this project came on the heels of switching my anti-anxiety medicine to one that didn’t convince my body to retain weight and never let it go. For three years I worked extremely hard to lose the weight but to no avail. I enrolled in Noom and Weight Watchers and I exercised very regularly. I thought there was something wrong with me, that I wasn’t trying hard enough. And I finally gave up after Christmas because it felt almost abusive to continue to try to FIX myself.

So, when I figured the medicine malfunction out, I was again hopeful that I could finally break the barrier and lose the weight that had made me the heaviest I have been other than when I was pregnant. Of course, it’s been a very bumpy ride trying out new anti-anxiety medicines. Add to this the fact that my body started back with my period after a 4-month hiatus. Big news though! I can absolutely report that I have lost nearly 10 pounds from my highest weight! I broke the 190 pound barrier. I’m currently in the 187 pound range. 

As of now, my weight loss doesn’t necessarily show that much but I can feel the difference. My daughter said the other day that she’ll be so proud of me when she can see it too. And that has always been a goal, to have my daughter see the power of my resolve to make a changeThe Wrap Up for My #28 Days Come What May Self-Improvement Project on

I have long had my eye on my coach Jenelle Montilone who’s a Beachbody coach. Her integrity and honesty are in line with mine. And she’s wicked creative. Although I miss my YMCA friends, I found this is a more cost-effective choice. She suggested a Beachbody program called 21 Day Fix that runs 21 days in a row and I am into the 3rd week.

What I like about the at home program is not having to be self-conscious about seeing myself in a mirror of the classroom while I work out. I hated that and always made sure I had someone in front of me. I don’t have to care what I wear. Things that hike up or how my belly might fall out from under a shirt in the wrong pose. Most of the time, l’m not even wearing shoes. And I can chose to do this anytime of the day I want. And I don’t have to waste time traveling. Of course, having a coach is key to keeping yourself accountable.

Using yourself as your accountability coach won’t work.

The Wrap Up for My #28 Days Come What May Self-Improvement Project on Shalavee.comWhat I don’t find appealing about the workouts I’ve done so far is how the participants aren’t diverse in abilities or ages. There is a woman who is large like me and we’re instructed to follow her modifications. And I wish there were more people like her as it would feel more like a true representation of people in the real world. 

The exercises are definitely geared towards more fit people than me. Luckily, l know that I’m allowed to do something, even if it’s wrong. But I doubt others would know that. I’ve been using only 5 pound weights because I can’t find my 8’s. And still it’s enough. I have a sore right shoulder and think I strained a ligament on my left knee. Yet, my core is strong now. I can actually feel my abdominal muscles. 

As for my food, l’m intuitively eating whole foods, limiting my carbs, abstaining from sugar, and eating lots of vegetables. There’s no calorie counting, no weighing of food, and just good happy food. Remember, l love to cook. I find it a true challenge to find ways of eating that I both enjoy and that are good for me.

I’m hooked on feeling good about myself now. As my coach offered, when we feel good and proud of ourselves in our own bodies, we are able to then give back to the world in ways that make us proud too. I wholeheartedly believe in this. 

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