This year, I want to find the love of being me. I want my foot to mostly fit the glass slipper and know that l’m my own fairy godmother.

I want to gift myself this year with the permission of being. Being a human being that gives, loves, and fails. I suppose I want my own rendition of it’s a Wonderful Life, seeing the beauty as it unfolds.

Starting anew can happen anytime. But it really does appeal to me that a New Year brings new ideas, new plans, and new hope for a clearer vision of what I want to be and be doing.

My mantras could begin to be:

You matter to me.

There is great value in my authenticity.

Deeply love the people in my life, friends and strangers both, and give them the truest forms of me.

My gift is a prayer that everyone will find their truest peace and desire this Christmas and 2022!

Love and Peace from me to you until the New Year!


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