If you have read my blog for a year at least, you may remember that I decorate the 15 foot tree at the Unitarian Universalist church we attend in Easton, Maryland. This year I added a new element or two which brought a little different texture to the tree’s design.

The bigger tree on Shalavee.com
The bigger tree on Shalavee.com
The big tree on Shalavee.com

The amazing paper snowflakes are courtesy of the talent of Nancy Sawyer. And the embroidery hoops hold fabric from an beloved and ill fated tablecloth. See the backstory post here and know that this eureka of recycling absolved me and my heartbreak.

The bigger tree on Shalavee.com
The bigger tree on Shalavee.com

As I was standing there festooning the tree with a few of my favorite helpers, it dawned on me that like all the ornaments on this tree, each of us is unique and homemade in our own way. And like the re-purposed materials I used, we are made of the recycled experiences of our family and our own lives. It seemed a simple and yet profound concept.

Merry Christmas to One and All ! I hope you all find a single moment to know your life is filled with magic and blessings!

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  1. Hoping you have a joyful Christmas and every good wish for a year filled with harmony and love.

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