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  • Life’s Goddesses are at Home

    Life’s Goddesses are at Home

    I think I live a pretty common life. Within my daily routines, I weave enormous doses of creativity, positivity, and spontaneity. But the standards of life that are desirable are often much more glamorous. It’s easy to dismiss ourselves as not unusual in comparison to what we perceive to be ideal. But that is such […]

  • What if My Ordinary is Your Extraordinary ?

    What if My Ordinary is Your Extraordinary ?

    I joined in a creative daily picture challenge for the month of February on Instagram. It is the #SeeYourOrdinary challenge hosted by a freiend. And I have made a real effort to be here in my space and my body and to reflect those things. It’s risky and exactly what we all need to everyone […]

  • A Real Day

    A Real Day

    I lived another real day. Nothing “exciting” like a grocery store run. Just waiting on a service man, cleaning up a pee puddle or two from a stubborn 4-year-old daughter. Stasis. Stillness. Stupid brain. Wishing I’d grabbed those few valuable moments of peace when she was sulking and half-naked in her room upstairs. But instead, […]