I think I live a pretty common life. Within my daily routines, I weave enormous doses of creativity, positivity, and spontaneity. But the standards of life that are desirable are often much more glamorous. It’s easy to dismiss ourselves as not unusual in comparison to what we perceive to be ideal. But that is such a mistake. Because these few moments are all we ever have.

I’d like to suggest a revolution of the ordinary. That we share and cheer the mundanity of our lives and find ourselves in one another’s words. I find the act of cooking meals to be somewhat holy sometimes. When I make them with love and care and graciousness, it is a prayer to my life for being able to do this; to feed myself and my family well.Life's Goddesses are at Home on Shalavee.com

When I give and receive a hug or a compliment from my kids, it’s more than that moment, it’s the cement of our world. It’s the peace that they will make in theirs in the future. That gesture will ripple out from my ordinary life into the world and make it better.

I celebrate the pride and the care I take in all I do to keep my house, create my home, and raise my children because I don’t need to be anything more to prove my worthiness. I don’t need a degree or a salary to prove I am an important member of our society because my act of revolution and my legacy will be to honor the home makers and the homebodies as the goddesses we already are. And tell all those to judge us otherwise as Charlatans. 

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