Seems I have hidden gremlins in my progress process. I want to accomplish some task, say creating an Etsy shop. This project would require me to create and then take pictures of more of these paper butterfly wreaths. Perhaps ask for money and then have to send them to the people who wanted to buy them. I’ve had this task way back on the shelf of “things to do” for so long but for “some reason”, this task never seems to be able to make it to the front of the to do shelf. To banish the gremlins hiding at the back of the shelf holding hard to these tasks I think I’d like to accomplish, I’ve chosen Permission as my extra word for the year.

I spoke about the Fear Mother in the Permission post as a Power in need of respecting. And then I suggested I’d honor her and make room for her in my future. I said I need to “Devote an entire page to each project and leave room for the fears to be expressed”. Well I completed my project planning form sheets ! And believe me when I say, these forms are powerful breakthrough bringers. Manifesters unite, I have a simple tool that will slip you by your naysayer and on to achieving your goals.

This is what it looks like and here’s where to download the PDF of My Project Planner.

project planner final png

I made this form two days ago. And due to my project planner form’s magic powers, I’ve already written the first draft of the stinky newsletter that I’ve been stuck to write and release for at least a year. Seems that solutions / ideas section was a necessary step to thinking it out, as opposed to my usual just blowing off the fears step. Cause that really got me nowhere. Fear Mother needs some RESPECT. So there it is.

As for that newsletter, using the form helped me to decide to not worry as to whether people felt I was invading their privacy by sending it unwanted to their email boxes. Instead, I talked myself into being willing to share the thought stage with success as well. What if it was 50/50 ? Half the people hated me for interrupting their lives while the other half popped over, renewed their interest in my work, found something on my site worthy of resubscribing for, and thus I avoided losing their interest altogether.

That was the rationalization that made me accept the “go ahead” signal. So far so good although I still need to edit it and actually send it out. This was still strong magic. I wrote it. Now you have to wait for the results. If you want to receive these additional random thoughts yourself, just sign up via the sign up box on the right hand side bar. And what you didn’t also know is that making a PDF for people to download was one of my other goals. So please be kind.

I hope you are inspired. Ask me any questions, I’m always glad to answer.

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  1. wow Shalagh, this is hugely inspiring. I am going to have to write one of my own now. And I hope to be reading about all your successes and celebrating with you, throughout the coming year! xxx

  2. ooops, sorry, I’ve posted this comment on the wrong post, it was supposed to go with A Letter To My Pluperfect Self. sigh, there I go doing things too fast. Pressed send before my mind could properly communicate with my fingers LOL. All your posts are inspiring, so I’m pretty sure you won’t mind 🙂

    1. Oh that you took the time to speedily stop by makes my day. I put your comment on the post you’d intended it for. I am so proud of both of us!

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