spring open house invite 001

In the Spring and the Fall, I loved to have an open house at the shop. I’d make food and offer 10 – 50 % off stuff. But my favorite part was creating the invitations. I would look for just the right image and then cajole someone into making it for me (remember I’m not the computer working graphic artist).

spring open house invite 001
Open house invites 001
open house invites backsides 001
Open house invites 001

I loved these little pieces of art that you could hang on the refrigerator.

I wanted them too pretty to throw away.

And because of my pack rat tendencies, I have three here to show you.

Again, if you were a customer, I thank you deeply for your loyalty.

It cheers me to hear your praises.

Stay tuned for the last week of 31 days Pretty Pictures.

Catch up and start on the first day of October.

I guarantee you’ll know too much about me by the end of the month.

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  1. So so pretty, Shalagh! I can just feel the ambiance of the store through the pictures.

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