As you may, or may not, remember, I overhauled my garden this Spring. It took me many days and weeding out over 30 wheelbarrows of weeds before I won my garden from those weeds.

My Garden Party Looked Like This on

I had given up on the garden and my power over it. I kept saying I couldn’t possibly… And then I decided to change that to I could and I would as weather permitted. And I began because there’s no finishing until there’s a beginning. One nice day at a time.

My Garden Party Looked Like This on

I am far from done but I have taken my garden back to ground zero. And that was an occasion worth celebrating. I chose June 30th (’19) as the date to host a Garden party. And our ladies gathering group eagerly said yes. But as we got closer, I knew the weather was going to be ridiculously hot. So I decided our party location would be the newly cooled garage instead.

My Garden Party Looked Like This on

Remember, my husband has an event lighting company, On You Mark Lighting Design and Equipment, LLC . I know what toys I have at my disposal to play with and chose a chandelier and Fete lights. I cleaned out the garage further an reused an old table and a 4 x 8 board for our table. Bought a wickedly discounted tablecloth at Kohl’s and gathered all my linens and props and began to play.

My Garden Party Looked Like This on

I ordered flower bunches from my florist and gathered Queen Anne’s lace and made one big arrangement and filled enough canning jars with bouquets for everyone to take one home.

My Garden Party Looked Like This on

The menu was a Vietnamese noodle salad, a Rose sangria, cucumber limemade, and a key lime pie. Everyone brought wine and a few appetizers and other deserts and we happily spent hours talking, eating, drinking, and strolling the garden.

My Garden Party Looked Like This on

I love seeing people feel special when they are at a party. To feel privileged and pampered is a wonderful feeling and that’s what I aim to achieve with every party I throw. Plus my garage and my garden have never looked so great! Plus I get the depth of conversation I crave. We celebrate people’s successes and we listen to their concerns. The validation of our humanness is worth all of the effort we can make.

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  1. Incredibly lovely! And the menu sounds delightful as well. I’m on the back deck today — have had a swim and am listening to Sonny Rollins while admiring my gladioli and lilies freshly cut from the garden. And laughing at my dogs. I guess this is my garden party. I also have an icy wine glass full of club soda and Lady Grey tea — a wonderful homemade spritzer of my own recipe.

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