My tendency to look at the bad stuff and what my life may be lacking can have me never seeing the good stuff and what I’ve accomplished. So I thought I’d present a pictorial list of some accomplishments that I am truly proud of.

A remembered resume of really rockin’ deeds.

A round-up of ridiculously cool projects I nailed.

And a chance for you to see what you’ve missed or remember what you liked.

Fiona's room recap on
painted dresser in Fiona's room from
Silouettes of myself and my husband, the parents in Fiona's room on
Clothespin picture display chandy on
Fiona's second birthday party decorations on

I am extremely proud of my redesign of Fiona’s room. There was a week’s worth of projects that I completed and posted. See the final reveal post here and there are links to the room project posts on the bottom.

I endeavored to have it all done by the time we had her second birthday party and I succeeded. I was also pleased with the way her silhouette poster came out and that is now in her room as well. The tissue poms made me happy and allowed me to spend my money on flowers to arrange. See that post here.

First decorated rocking chair for Talbot Humane society on
The chair for the Talbot Humane Society 2015 on

In 2014, I was asked to decorate a rocking chair for an auction to benefit the Talbot Humane Society. More pictures of this are here. And then there was this year’s version.

This was actually a child’s rocking chair. I wanted to be within the same vein of minimal collage on raw wood with white accents. It was whimsical and just what I was aiming for. See that post here.

Chandelier decorations for the Summer solstice service on
Finished Floor cloth for summer solstice service on

I was sooo pleased with how my first attempt at a painted floor cloth went. I had no idea what the heck I was doing but I bought paints and surfed Pinterest and then got to work. It’s still hanging in the hallway of the church four months later. Probably should take it down soon.

Suzani Table Top Design from


Party design is one of my favorite creative loves. And I had the pleasure of designing party table tops for a dear friend this past Summer. I was inspired by her fabric to make these happy Suzani circles and scattered wild flower filled vases everywhere. See that post here.

Suzani and Wildflower decorations on


Suzani and Wildflower decorations on
The Butterfly Effect, collage by Shalagh on

And lastly, I was super excited to join a collage challenge a couple of weeks back to practice my “skills” and just randomly make stuff from an inspiration word. 

Day 2 of One Creative Week on

I am comfortable with this medium and having a prompt made it easy to make without thinking. This one above is called the Butterfly Effect and was made in maybe a half and hour with 7 different pieces of paper, mostly old maps from a fifty year old “C” encyclopedia. See the post on the Creativity Challenge here.

I don’t think I celebrate my accomplishments as well as I should and I’m truly trying to remedy this. I hope you’ve enjoyed the little visual tour of some of the projects I’ve been most proud of recently. Christmas is coming and that ends up being one of the most creative times for me and there’s be more pretty projects to remember and create. Stay tuned.

Wanna see the whole month of posts? Start here. To see yesterday’s post, go here.

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  1. Love, love love. The flower on the dresser is still one of my favorites! Thank you for carving out the time to appreciate and share the beauty of your creations -it’s inspiring! xo

    1. You are thanking me Christina? I am thanking you with whip cream on top. I really like the simplicity of the flower and that I’m able to appreciate simplicity so much now.
      Love Ya’,

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