Habitat birdhouse on Shalavee.com

The week ended with a creative bang. I finished out the collage challenge with pieces prompted by ‘color’ and ‘portrait’. I felt a momentum building during the week. Where the first day had been hard to pull it out, the last two were just “get it done, one, two, three kinda” experiences. And then I had my bonus day with crafting for a charitable event.

Day 26 of the #TalesofSeptember challenge. This #morning , early rise with Fiona as usual. But then I got to leave the house and my children as they ate breakfast (Yay!) and went to be a crafter/hostess for an organizational #fundraiser. Habitat for Humanity Choptank builds houses by volunteers’ hands for people that could not otherwise afford another method of purchasing a house. And they have all women builds! Ticket holders got to decorate birdhouses, drink wine, and enjoy a boxed lunch. The joy and creativity and camaraderie were so present and I was glad to help. And of course, I had to make this birdhouse too for any future #fundraiser auctions. #Wampum shell roof tiles ! #birdhouse #createeveryday #storyofmyday

I learned that if you give me anything, be it paper or a concept or a party theme, I can make creative sense of it very quickly. In other words, I can pull a collage or a blog-post out of my butt on command. Would I prefer it this way? Oh of course not but I know I could.

Seeing Red by Shalagh Hogan on Shalavee.com


Gorgeous Gearhead by Shalagh Hogan on Shalavee.com

This week has me preparing for a creativity Boot-camp sponsored by That Curious Love of Green. Creating and journaling every day for a month. Daily creativity is a life changing experience. My blog is proof of that. And now I’d like my art to change me too.

For the past two years, I’ve done a post a day for the month of October challenges for myself. 2013’s starts here. This is me joining in a someone else’s challenge but it will produce the same results and I think the camaraderie of creating with a group of people ought to be exhilarating.

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See the first three of the weeks collages in this post.

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