Some time ago, Miss Jean asked me to decorate her party tables for an event in August. We are members of a mutual appreciation club. She adores my Christmas trees, has gotten me to decorate a charity event for her, and made my daughter a quilt which now hangs over her dresser. Of course I said yes.

And as the event approached, I began to ask her what colors she might like or what feeling she may want to evoke. She said wildflowers in jars. And so that was half of the design. The other half was spawned by a sudden infatuation for Suzani fabric patterns. As I do, I cruised Pinterest for inspiration. And found these pictures.

As I contemplated my party decorations design, Suzani kept coming up. Instagram challenge with the prompt of citrus got me this.

citrus suzani from Instagram on

Suzani fabric was expensive and my outside of the box thinking had me asking the hostess and quilter if she had any fabric scraps I could use. What I then came up with was the concept of creating my own circles and laying them on the tables. It took me two days to create these circle pieces.

raw suzani circles on

One for cutting and one for sewing but thankfully, the fabric was gorgeous and my sewing machine and I reconnected after a long long time of not liking each other. I was so tickled with my sewing project, I could barely wait to put them on the tables with the flowers.

stock from Patti's Petals on

And my florals, save the purple and pink stock (pictured above) which I got from Patti’s Petals here in Denton, were all collected by me in my backyard and our downtown. Oh and a few I stopped on the side of the road to pick on my way down to set up the event. Because…wildflowers! It was a hurry up and install as we had a party in Baltimore to attend but the overall theme was achieved.

Jean's party decorations on
Jean's party decorations on
Suzani and wildflower tabletop decorations on Shalavee.comle
Suzani and wildflower tabletop decorations on Shalavee.comle
Suzani and wildflower tabletop decorations on Shalavee.comle


In the end, Miss Jean was very happy with the design. Her party was a success and I pulled another phantom design out of my brain. Love when that happens. Consultations are free if you want some help party planning for the upcoming holidays. And I will be busy dreaming up tree and mantle designs now. Meanwhile, this quote I’ve held onto forever is finally beginning to make sense to me.

When we focus on serving those we care about

by sharing our greatest skills,

we immediately set ourselves apart just by being us.

Via Erin Annacker

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  1. So pretty! I love your eye in layering the circles, and arranging the flowers. Also, a wonderful quote – I wasn’t expecting the end, and it was nice to reflect on that!

    1. Yes, I was rather high on those circles Dawn. I am hoping that Miss Jean will be inspired to whip up a quilt with them.
      And yes, I live Erin’s thoughts. She’s earthy and honest and I get her. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and I’m glad I figured out how it applies to me.
      Love to Ya’,

  2. That just says HAPPY and JOY…what better things for a party! Also love that it had a lot of Miss Jean present. And the quote? Now added to my collection. Thanks!

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