I’ve long-held the belief that hormones are the cause of the world’s problems. When I decided this, I was only thinking of the mating types hormones. Estrogen which makes women nasty one day and love maniacs the next and testosterone which makes men want to hurt each other. I had no idea that there were so many other hormones aka chemical regulators in our bodies until more recently.

I discovered Oxytocin was known as the tend and befriend hormone. Women release it when they give birth and this causes the bonding with their babies. I wrote a post about Oxytocin here. But women also release it when they’re communicating and making friendships and it acts as a stress reliever.

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And then I stumbled upon this adorable little illustration about the other major five hormones your bodies release.  And a lot of the world’s problems got a lot more clear. The E is for Endorphins. The D is for Dopamine. The S is for Serotonin. And the O is for the Oxytocin. And that red C in action, that’s for the Cortisol. View the highly entertaining and informative PDF storybook here at EDSO In Action.

These chemicals when produced honestly by our bodies, regulate our emotions and our bodily functioning. But they are in some ways working against us. We’re experiencing epidemic levels of anxiety which had us overproducing Cortisol. This causes us to keep our fat. So now obesity problems can be related to watching too much news. We’ve even become addicted to the release of dopamine hormone releases in our bodies so we’re falsely trying to recreate the hormone surges again and again through other addictions. Our cell phones, gambling, alcohol, and smoking are all also addictions to dopamine production. And the only way to combat these detrimental affects to our bodies, and I think to our society, is to understand how they work for and against us, and effect a change in our lives which has the hormones helping and not hurting us. 

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This little illustrated PDF explanation of hormones was created by Benno Bros in response to a book written by Simon Sinek entitled Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t. The synopsis from Amazon describing Sinek’s theory of why some teams work well together:

“This principle has been true since the earliest tribes of hunters and gatherers. It’s not a management theory; it’s biology. Our brains and bodies evolved to help us find food, shelter, mates and especially safety. We’ve always lived in a dangerous world, facing predators and enemies at every turn. We thrived only when we felt safe among our group.
Our biology hasn’t changed in fifty thousand years, but our environment certainly has. Today’s workplaces tend to be full of cynicism, paranoia and self-interest. But the best organizations foster trust and cooperation because their leaders build what Sinek calls a Circle of Safety that separates the security inside the team from the challenges outside.
The Circle of Safety leads to stable, adaptive, confident teams, where everyone feels they belong and all energies are devoted to facing the common enemy and seizing big opportunities. “

There are companies who understand these principles. The are managers and business owners who understand the relationship of the mental health of the worker bees to the product they are selling. So I say again, hormones are and will be the cause of all the problems of the world. And may also be the solution.

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  1. I am all over blaming those bloody hormones. Especially estrogen, that hussy. Hate her. Miss her. OMG, I miss her. B$@#*!

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