And in the nick of time, I’ve finished decorating Fiona’s room. Finished as much as it will be this week. And of course, the moment the big girl bed goes in, the room shifts about again. 

Her birthday party is on Sunday and the surest way to finish an unfinished house project is to throw a party. That and commit to the room reveal online to your readers. Accountability people, it works every time. I was finishing styling the room and taking pictures while we had us a code red snowstorm today.

Into Fiona's room on


The closet nook Fiona's room on


There’s a closet turned desk nook on the left as you enter. The worst for first. 

I really haven’t rethought this cubby space out yet.  I’m making do with it for now.

Welcome to Fiona's redecorated room on


Beyond the chair, the changing table/dresser is to the left as you enter.

One of the two other projects in the room that I’m most proud of are the parent silhouettes I created.

The idea was based on these online beauties,

My inspiration for the Mom and Dad Silouettes on
Lily Bun Interiors via Decor Pad

Although children love to gaze at themselves, they also love their Mommy and Daddy. I thought the different colors were wonderful but I felt I just needed the gold and black and white for the traditional feeling.

Mommy and Daddy Silouettes on

I chose two old gilded frames from my collection and we took mug shots of ourselves, I blew them up on printer paper, and then cut them out while attached to the black card stock. There is no glass in the frames, just some muslin wrapped around the backing board and I carpet taped the silhouettes to that. Voila.

Dresser and silhouettes on

Aren’t they cool? Mark hates his but the mug shot was much worse. Yeah, and don’t look at the special unstoppable crack up that wall behind Daddy’s silhouette. There’s a chimney buried inside the house to the left and this is a forever problem of the shifting house and the stationary chimney.

To the right when you enter, behind the door, is the crib and the bookshelf and that’s where my mad styling skills were put to the test. My other “took forever” project was getting the bird lamp shade wired Thanks to Mark) and then hanging it with all the little vintage Chinese lanterns I had used in my own outdoor wedding decorations. And if you look closely, that pink duct tape makes another appearance covering the cords to the lamp and the clock.

bookshelf and lanterns and crib in Fiona's bedroom on
silk roses in Fiona's room on
Fiona's room styled on

The other project I was inspired to make were the embroidery hoops and the enormous faux embroidery hoop over the crib.

Hoola hoop with frog fabric on
Letters on a fabric backed frame on

I had this fabulous fabric with the flirty frogs. And it needed a large space to show off its killer cuteness. So I had a eureka moment and thought…hula hoop! Yesterday, I stitched it in place with thin satin ribbon. If she pulls it off the wall onto her head, no harm done.

And those hot pink F and P letters I’d thrifted forever ago for her eventual room design ? I hot glued them onto an opened up jeans leg wrapped around the backer board again. I got the bird lantern before Fiona’s birth at Bella Luna’s in Rehoboth, Delaware.

lamp and shelf in Fiona's room on


And those are silk flowers from a floral company called Allstate. They remind me of one of my favorite roses entitled ‘Lipstick’.

view from the door of crib and bookshelf in Fiona's room on


So many items were so personal from family and friends and that is exactly the way I think we should decorate. With items that were gifted and made by the people we love and stuff we made because we loved making them, or we had something to prove. How do you think I did? Do I have what it takes?

If you missed the other projects, you can find the Picture Display Chandelier here, the painted dresser is here, and the curtains here.

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    1. Thanks Melissa! Did you see she’s still playing with that cool playstructure you gave her two Christmases ago. Thank you so much for your compliment!

  1. I love so many things about Fi’s room. The silhouettes are fantastic. I love embroidery hoops with fabric for pops of color and the hula hoop is a GREAT idea. Personal touches are what makes a space and those stories she will have growing up alongside of her. Beautiful job.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer. I’m almost surprised at how all the creativity began to just happen. When you’re invested and interested, that happens. And yes, I didn’t really even realize all the special pieces until I began to consider the stuff I’d saved for this project. She loves the pictures.
      Love to you,

  2. So beautiful and delightful, Shalagh! Congratulations to you and Fiona. I love the overall colours, and the personal details full of creative energy. I LOVE your silhouettes and the lantern mix, and especially the froggy fabric art. Oh, and the windows and chandelier. You definitely have what it takes – so Cheers to a fun & festive party this weekend.

  3. Shalagh,
    You did a great job in her room! She will love it for many years – and you will too because you put your heart into it! Enjoy celebrating the room, your efforts and most especially, your little girl this weekend!

    Kim (we_are_blessed)

    1. Kim,
      This is so incredibly kind and swell of you to say. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of all my efforts this weekend. And yes, every time I go into her room, I’m so pleased wit it and myself.

  4. Yay, success!! You do have what it takes. I like what you said about decorating with things that were gifted or were made with love. All the loving details shine through. Well done, Shalagh. Love ya, Amy

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