You my dear readers have told me multiple times, you are impressed with the way I “put myself out there”. And I can tell you, it is not a choice for me. I would just as soon tell you while we were talking as I do as I’m writing.

Because I truly believe that the truth will set you free. And may even help another person to be freed from their own brain imprisonment. I find, more often than not, people are not judgmental but relieved and supportive that you tell the truth.

We can tell truth from pomposity. And we need to hear it to ground us. So why not do everyone a favor and just go ahead and be you to begin with.

When it’s my moment in the sun

Oh , how beautiful I’ll be

But in a normal sort of way

Like I am you and you are me

Cause I have a lot of things to say

And you’d be wise to listen good

I think that hunger, war, and death

Are bringin’ everybody down

When it’s my moment in the sun

I’ll share my problems with the world

And psychosomatically I’ll sing

To god and all his pretty girls

When it’s my moment in the sun

I won’t forget that I am blessed

But every hero walks alone

Thinking of more things to confess.

– Clem Snide from Moment in the Sun

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