What a difference a week can make. This was an extra special week. Monday was a cruise east on 404 to Bethany to visit my friend MB who worked her bum off recently to receive her beauticians license. She wanted me to pamper myself and visit her spa job too. Vanity was the theme of the day. I actually saw a peacock on the side of 404 on the way. Alive and looking peacocky.

Got lost and had to pee so I stopped and asked  the competition where her spa was. She did a fantastic job at my  brow clean-up and manicure. I was so thrilled to be able to go lunch too. We laughed when we realized how much brighter the Barbie purple polish was than we had first thought in the dim spa.

Tuesday was me signing papers in Severna Park to refi. And hour’s drive in the other direction. And it was right next to a Tuesday Morning. Of course they were unloading a truck full of stuff. Because it was Tuesday morning.

I try to stay away from this place because I can definitely use most of stuff they have every time I’m there.No difference this time. The happier ending is that the stuff that I got Tuesday inspired me.into thinking I definitely have missed half of who I am. And showing that is what I’m going to be all about.  Let me show you.

The book was cute. Kind of about discrimination. And I love Christmas cocktail napkins with symbolic profanity for 50 cents. But it’s the flocked hangers, 50 of them for 24 dollars. And 6 of the mufti-level pants hanging ones for 12 dollars. These were the score of the day. I could have gotten them in purple.  Flocked is cool. It’s fuzzy and not slippery. .The packaging was beautiful too. I think this combination of product and packaging and promise could cause a premature orgasm in any woman I know. And maybe a few men.

So I also helped myself to 15 new multicolored napkins. Plus 4 placemats. New potholders. Party pink paper napkins. New red dish towels. A lady drawing mannequin for 6 dollars and 2 little ones for 4 dollars. Plus new clippers and new loppers for gardening. And new “write you a note to tell you are wonderful” cards. And… three stems of faux hydrangeas with a blue purple color thing for 12 dollars. $130 later, I’ve got entertainment for days.

The new black potholders had no pity for the old green ones. The red dishtowels went right in the drawer. The new napkins were actually buttoned together. Again with the beautiful packaging. Once I peeled them out, they went straight into a basket. Happy bright colors for summer. I hid the dingey fall napkins today .

Mannekin Lady loves her napkins.

I played yesterday and today like I haven’t in a long time. Something dawned on me. I want to show as well as tell. So I promise there’ll definitely be more where this craziness came from.

Next, I’ll show you what I did with all the stuff and how it inspired me to reorganize and revitalize the design of several spaces. You asked for it, you got it. Toyota.

Happy redecorating. Love, Shalagh

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