Luck has been my lady tonight and this morning and last week.  Three lucky happenstances I want to share with everyone.

Tonight I found the recipe that I had misplaced. On a hunch, I searched the site leading me to and I found my beloved Fresh Salmon Salad with Chickpeas and Tomatoes here. Happy dance! Love it!  While on the hunt, I also printed some Moroccan themed chickpea dishes that sound fun and are vegetarian.

Fresh Salmon Salad with Chickpeas and Tomatoes

On November 8th, I attended a “Sip and Shop” at Joviality, a lovely shop in town co-owned by my neighbor, Mary Claytor, and a former customer of my shop, Abby McNinch. Joviality’s Facebook page is here. They have sweet affordable unique gifts for hostesses and teachers and I have bought many. My mission to spend money was to buy a swaddling blanket I’d seen on a previous visit.  But first, I found a teal scarf and a pair of pretty earrings. But the “Mother load”  was the last of its kind. My second lucky happenstance was finding my belly baby’s blankie. Green knitted with white polka dots.

And then this morning, I went ahead and ordered Christmas Cards! It wasn’t even on my things to do list. But I came across this post from Simple Mom’s blog entitled 6 Steps to a Relaxed Christmas. And there, a link to led me to a deal of a lifetime. If you ordered your cards before Tuesday, November 20th, you get 70% off of your order. I grabbed a picture, consulted with the husband who needed to have them say “Happy Holidays” for some reason, and even got a quantity discount before my amazing 70% off. Yes, I got my 100 Christmas Cards for $54. I was nearly giddy for hours.

I hope everyone has a lucky week.



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  1. Good for you, Shalagh. I can’t even think about Christmas. I could use some luck, too. Thanks for the resources. They look like good ones!

    1. Amy,
      It’s more about appreciating the luck you’ve created. The baby’s a miracle. My luck is infinite. The card thing, a lark. The salad was found from another determined stab. Happy T_Day.

  2. I’m aware of the personalised Christmas card tradition from movies, for some reason it’s one that hasn’t crossed the water to here and we all buy Christmas cards for a few euros!
    You are getting into nesting mode, getting everything done : )

    1. Ha, define everything. I’m doing as much as I can by using my brain and charm and guily in desperation. Figure February I’ll start stocking the reach-in freezer with food. Since the man doesn’t want to know the gender of belly baby, I have an excuse not to full tilt decorate baby room. Wait till you see pictures of Eamon’s new room. Hoping to finish painting tomorrow.

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