You’ve probably noticed it’s October already. Your calendar and your weather probably gave it away. But the meaning of the season change is personal and relative to each of us. For me it’s a slowing down and an opportunity for deeper work.

Hello to October and What I Have Planned on

Yes, this is the month I got married and the month my husband and two of my very good friends were born in. It’s the weather shift I adore the most from Summer to actual Fall, and consequently I feel most alive in. But it’s also back to school time where I get more uninterrupted days in a row than before. Than Ever.

And it’s been my practice for the past several years to challenge myself to post every single day of October on the blog. Quite the challenge that I always seem to pull off. But not this year. Where the busy blog may gain a few more readers that I can hope hold on through the holidays and all my decorating posts, that doesn’t honor my deeper needs and intentions for this blog and myself.

I am hoping to develop a deeper writing practice this Fall wherein I might come up with deeper thoughts and bigger offerings. To hone my passions and thereby, my purpose. November in fact is the month when many writers take part in the NaNoWriMo challenge. National Novel Writing Month started in 1999 and essentially is an established event during which a bunch of people finish writing their books.

Hello to October and What I Have Planned on

What I’d like to establish is a writing habit. I could care less if I finish any book but would rather know I have the ability and the system that is in place to write and think in an organized productive fashion. Period. I’ve headed toward the intention to establish this and think maybe taking yourself seriously and creating a disciplined routine is a very good way to not only accomplish something but also prove you can.

So my thoughts on October are for a month full of fall fun (cute pictures to come) and respecting those tasks and goals which you had to deny yourself before but can no longer deny beginning. Be it the painting of the walls of your ugliest room in your house before the weather changes, or creating disciplined habits that serve you well through the coming season, now is the time to set up the list of intentions, tools, and time tables. I’ll share my process with you as it works itself out.

Meanwhile, Happy October ! Hope you are embracing its meaning in your life too.

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  1. Exciting Shalagh and I hope you enjoy the writing process and productivity in October! It’s all about enjoying it and what it brings as we go deeper. May it bring you pleasure and light. Much love Terri x

    1. I so appreciate your support Terri! The energy is being recycled. The hardest thing for me is sitting down and enjoying the time. Motherhood is distracting.

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