I feel like I’ve been holding my breath.

Waiting for the weather to finally begin changing.

Waiting for a new life path to appear.

Something about these days feel still. Like I’m waiting for some epiphany about what’s next. I’m perhaps past due for some mindmapping or something to help me divine and anchor myself to head in whatever direction I’m supposed to be heading in.

Hello November on Shalavee.comWith Eamon away at college and Fiona in school, I’ve been keeping terribly busy with all of this luscious newfound time I’m enjoying. For my #100daysoflettinggoofpastshite project I’m documenting via Instagram, I continue to go through my house’s closets, cupboards, cubbies, attic, and basement purging unnecessary stuff from my life. I’ve not kept up with writing about it but be assured, I will make it through these 100 days eventually. And it will be life changing. Damnit.

Three weeks until Thanksgiving and I continue to make our home as cozy as possible for our upcoming family time. Last year after dinner, we watched The Wizard of Oz which was a tradition from our childhood. This year we’re changing up and are going to watch a favorite film from Studio Ghibli’s creator, Hayoa Miyazaki, called Spirited Away.Hello November on Shalavee.com


The sunshine is so lovely these days. We all need to make sure to get our actual heads hit with the sunshine, no hat. That’s what helps with the winter blues. But I have no doubt, that in comparison to last year, this holiday season will feel a little lighter to me.

But even still, I’m in search again for the therapist I needed all along. It never hurts to have a third-party neutral give you an objective opinion on where else you may look for answers.

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  1. This post feels pure coziness. Your decluttering posts on IG are inspiring. A few years back I had a minimalism phase, I got rid of lots of stuff, but little by little things start occupying the empty spaces. It’s difficult to keep up with the emptiness.

    • Hey Elizabeth,
      I feel like the clutter is just an outward sign of a busy internal landscape. I have lots of things going on in my brain. Plus abundance issues can keep me holding on to things.
      You have been through a lot. I hope you are compassionate and know that you will get to things when you get to them.
      Much Love,

  2. Melissa @melstodd Reply

    Since I started my social media break, I’ve been missing you so much. And then this morning I thought- omg! I can connect with her on her blog! Yay! I love the idea of watching Spirited Away with the family on Thanksgiving, one of my favorites too. I love you ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hey Mel! I hope your break is doing what you need it to do.
      But yes, I miss seeing your happy face too.
      Much love back atcha!

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