Christmas brings perspective if you let it.

I learned you have to let the kid know ahead of time he’s not getting the DS so he won’t open every present ungratefully before he decides he’s not getting one. You are running the show, produce it well.

I was out on Monday, the day after Christmas. I saw other people were out too. It felt good to be out, what with the cabin fever and all. Oh, I avoided the intersections where the glom ups happen but it really wasn’t crowded. As I exchanged my stuff, I recognized my contemplation of the ‘buy-it’ and ‘be-it’ concept. I thought, “If I have the clothes and the hair, make-up, finger nails, car, and body, I could be happy”, really I could be. Consumerism as self worth. I bought my new socks and work out pants and figured that was a step to get me to the gym. What more could I do?

But because I didn’t host a family shenanigan holiday, I wasn’t busy being busy. So, I watched me and my son and my husband as we took it slow and planned train gardens and watched every Christmas movie we own. I have enjoyed tons of friendship and goodwill towards my fellow mans and womans. And I’ve slept well.

That’s what I’m dragging into the New Year with me. The upcoming opportunities to connect and reconnect with people I like. To enjoy humanity for no other purpose than just hanging out and shooting the shit. New Year’s resolution: to make it less about me.

Peace, Out.

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