You may or may not know, I had a surprise baby shower a little while back. You may or may not know that I love to do paper crafting. And so I set myself to the task of hand creating thank you cards for the all the lovely people who bestowed gifts upon me and my belly baby.

I continued with my paper butterfly theme from Christmas, added a dash of ripped whatever paper, and some old sheet music.

Handmade butterfly thank you notes on

It took me a very long time. And I was very pleased with them. And their imperfectness.

And then I set them free in the post. Sure that I felt thankful enough of my  gracious life and wonderful friends and family.

Notice my son’s thank you note in the right hand corner. I had him make this to copy and distribute for his Christmas presents.

It was Pokemon themed.

Visually pick one out for yourself and know how very grateful I am that you have chosen to visit here and read my post and look at my pictures.

Let 2013 be a year full of gratitude. And stolen moments to revel in the awesomeness of the ordinary.


    • It means more, it costs less, and there comes a point when you say, I’m artist enough to spit on this paper and it’ll be cool. At least to most people and the rest don’t count. You, my friend, have art oozing from your every pore and it can not be contained much longer.

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