After such an expanse of worry and weather, it’s so nice to find myself sitting outside with a warm breeze blowing, kinda sleepy, and wondering what I should write about. There’s boat motors humming in the river at the end of our property. The weeping willow is rustling in a very satisfactory way. And a blue jay is talking to himself.

There is nothing else I could want here. I am alone with the rush of the wind and the serenade of the mourning dove. Tickled by the breeze on my neck, the seagull out over the water talking trash. The airplane buzzling overhead like a great motorized bumble bee. The smell of flowers wafting past me.

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”–Lily Tomlin

This is May. The month when things get busy. Piano recital, mother’s day, and second Covid-19 vaccinations. But also, it’s a gorgeous month to sit back and close your eyes and take a little cat nap like I just did. To stop the doing and just enjoy the being. It’s a choice. One that can be made from a gentle part of your heart and the tender part of your soul that allows you to just be.

So this is me just being on my back porch. Grateful for you and for me together now.


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