Since I had Fiona, I have been unable to regain my gardening mojo. The very thing that brought me to buy a house, dirt to plant a garden in, had become a burden I was buried under. Looking every year at my overgrown garden overwhelmed and depressed me.

Last year, I made a charitable donation and received a garden consultation. And this spurred me into enthusiastic gardening action that I hadn’t felt in a while. I head “I could” again.

Gardening mojo on

I worked on a couple beds last Summer. And this year, I’ve picked back up where I left off. I recently ordered some more charitable plants and with the onset of lovely Spring weather, I set about clearing the section under my weeping cherry tree where I plan to plant them all.

I can use anything to make me feel bad about me . My undisciplined kids, my unruly garden, my messy house, or my stuck career. But it only requires a moment to make a plan and schedule a few action steps and suddenly I don’t feel like I’m actually stuck anymore. If instead of spending the time I would ruminating on what a loser I am , I instead take any action, plan any step to better the situation, I feel immediately better.

It seems that all it takes to change is the willingness to do so and one action to prove it’s possible. You are as successful or as stuck as your brain says you are. So today, I am less stuck ad one more step towards having a better garden.

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