While I showered this evening, I thought very hard about what it is my friends mean to me. I ran through all the possible reasons to have friends; support, positivity, compassion, and mutual interests. And I decided that I have only a few criteria for those I hold dear.

My friends are clever, they have great senses of humor, they’re kind, and they get me. And they’re honest as much as they can be thus far. That’s pretty much it. And yet, to me, that’s all I need.

I’d stand by their sides until Armageddon. I’d fight their causes until I bled. I’d cook or write or cheer or cry for them if they’d continue to have me in their lives. And I am grateful for them, whether I think I’ve earned their love or not. My friends, I hope you know who you are.

To my future friends out there, I gladly welcome your clever, humorous, kind, and honest as you can be company. I am all about the more the merrier. And I’m an equal opportunity friender.

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