Ah the stuck. It smells of mildew and shame. It’s the place that you dread being when things need to happen. It’s the place you don’t want to admit to being, especially when everybody knows you just need to do “this” and “that” and it will all be done. Over it. Moving on. But here you are, still stuck, feeling bad, and generally sad.

Oh I know I look super busy and productive to you making all these things happen and those things shiny and feeding my kids. But honestly, there’s always that thing that you can’t see that I really have intended, meaning to get to. And all the things were just a way of avoiding that one thing.

Forgiving the Stuck on Shalavee.com

Call it Self-sabotage or procrastination, it’s just fear. I fear that I can’t do the other things when I get there. I won’t be in the right place. I will be in the right place and it won’t be hard anymore and that will be hard. Whatever the reason I am here in the Stuck, forgiveness is the way out.

You be my witness dear reader as I shower myself with compassion. I am sorry that you feel you let yourself down Shalagh. You are stronger than you think. I am sorry that you have held yourself hostage to a daily dose of “Bad Dog”. You do so many other great things, it’s sad that you get judged for this one failing. I’m sorry you are scared of your future because from where I stand, if you keep doing what you are doing and following your intuition and your heart, you will only experience joy when you get there. I’m sorry that you are afraid of just being you. I think you are pretty great without ever doing a thing.

Much Love to you,


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