I hesitate to write or talk about this because there’s so much nonsense out there pertaining to weight loss. Whether it’s those creepy “lose weight quick tips” in the margin of your email screen or just the general American obsession of ‘our body is our worthiness’ stuff, I don’t want this to be a part of that. This is me doing something great for me and sharing.

Back when I got pregnant (Shazam!), I had just lost those last pesky pounds hanging on from my first pregnancy. I was fitting into my closet full of clothing. I’ve followed the same dietary restrictions again for the past 6 weeks and I’ve done it again! As of today, we have lost almost 20 pounds cumulatively.

All it ever took were the right limits. Because before that and this time, the last “diet” was probably when I was in my 20’s doing that grapefruit diet. So I can honestly say, I don’t do this. But when Mark came home and told me how he’d inquired how this gentleman at work had lost his weight, he’d answered that he was on the “If it’s white, it ain’t right” diet. We laughed so hard and said, if we do anything, it’ll be that diet.

Again, this was me before I was pregnant
Again, this was me before I was pregnant

And darned if it didn’t turn out to be just the ticket. My version of this program is toned down. No white flour or white sugar from Monday morning through Friday at five o’clock. And no wine. I eat potatoes and Ezekial (sprouted grain) bread. And then we enjoy Friday night pizza and movie night and as a family event.  I need to look forward to a break in the diet action. I go to the YMCA maybe twice a week. And walk and jog on the treadmill for two miles. I stroll when I can with the baby.

Mark had looked into a ‘buy their gruel’ diet but I said there wasn’t any reason I, being a good cook, couldn’t take care of our dietary needs. He said he’d do it when I’d do it with him. And we both had let ourselves indulge while I was pregnant so it was time.

Bellies are us, days before Fiona came

The hardest part is the first week; the proving that you can place restrictions on yourself and follow through knowing that there’ll be the weekend to fall off the wagon for two and a half days. But the pride I have stepping on the scale (only before breakfast and after a bathroom break) is all mine.

April 2012 and frisky apparently

It’s about habit and intention. I can eat a whole wheat something, bread or pasta, but it needs to say ‘whole’ on the package. And I’ll eat white rice but I try to throw in some other grains like oats or wild rice and sweet potatoes. And as many vegetables as possible. Seems that your body’s alert that you need liquid is first hunger. You get a large portion of water from your food. Then you are thirsty only when you’re dehydrated.

There you have it. We are on the road to fitting back into our skinny clothing in the fall. My wardrobe is full of cute clothing I would love to wear. I’m no fashionista but I’m done with the spotted t-shirts I swore I’d never wear again.

Tell me what you think or ask me any questions and I’ll be glad to answer them.

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  1. That is inspiring. I still have 15lbs of pregnancy weight and I want to wear my old clothes so, so badly. I need to add more veg, less bread, and exercise. Any exercise. I love the balance of your system with the on/off days. You’re right about the confidence. I have no confidence about fitting exercise in, but maybe I should start crazy small, like ten minutes of stretching 3 times a week. At least then I would have something to build on. All right, you’re my witness, 10 minutes!

    1. Fear. I feared being unable to. We held our breath, accountable to each other that first week, to see if we would die not eating bread or drinking wine. We proved we could one day at a time. And on Friday, today, I’m off to buy the box of wine for the freezer cool off and I can’t order the pizza fast enough Ish. Stretching is also a good way to see what pain you can endure. Holding it there, and then repeating this several times a week you are amazed at your progress and your threshold. Good Luck!

  2. Oh! Ezekial bread ROCKS! I found it when I was trying to cut sugar out of Josh’s diet and found out that even bread has sugar in it! Ezekial has NONE AND it’s sprouted grains so it has the added side effect of making you VERY regular too!

    1. Ezekial bread makes great french toast. The muffins are good hamburger buns. And breakfast sandwiches. Otherwise the stuff is freaky.

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