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  • Alternative Eating

    Alternative Eating

    As I began my 28 days come what May project this past Spring, I thumbed through all my recipes ripped from Cooking Light magazines. I picked out the ones that had some appeal and then filled in my grocery list with their ingredients. There was ground chicken and farro, baby bok choy and chayote squash. […]

  • Releasing Myself From Scrutiny

    Releasing Myself From Scrutiny

    I recently released myself from the thrall of a diet. I had been in the Noom program since February. I’d logged almost 800 meals. And I’d not lost any weight. I no longer wanted to feel like a failure. I wanted to stop feeling like I was some sort of bug under a microscope with […]

  • Self-Care, the Next Phase

    Self-Care, the Next Phase

    Self-care is a multi-layered endeavor. Brushing your teeth, taking pills, and exercising are all basic bodily care practices that when we are new mothers, seem to be more than we can manage. But eventually we get those done too. I have taken the past twenty years to really delve into taking care of my mental […]

  • Pitching the “When I Lose Weight” Clothing

    I am still engaged in a lifelong battle against my own body. A perpetual hostage of “when I lose weight”. Most of the past three decades has been spent judging my physical self as under par and trying to fix it (This may also have applied to how I felt about my mind too but […]

  • Weight Loss : My Body in Process Not Perfection

    Weight Loss : My Body in Process Not Perfection

    I’d lost nearly ten pounds and I was elated. I hadn’t dropped below 160 pounds in at least five years, maybe ten. This weight loss was a huge accomplishment. I felt kind and didn’t dwell on the fact that it’s only taken two months to accomplish. All those years of lamenting my largess and it […]

  • Happy and Crappy Birthday

    Happy and Crappy Birthday

    Sitting in our church service and listening and gathering from our minister. That our judgement of others is a reflection of our judgement on ourselves. That if we were kinder to ourselves, we’d be kinder to others. How do we offer compassion and understanding we don’t have a supply of ? How about if we […]

  • My Thoughts On The Clean Eating Challenge

    My Thoughts On The Clean Eating Challenge

    This week I participated in a clean eating challenge. You can read up on the concept here and get a better definition than I can give you. Essentially, it’s ceasing to eat crap aka preserved snack/junk food, drinking a tasty shake for breakfast,  exercising 30 minutes a day, every day, and drinking lots of water. As […]

  • For Us

    For Us

    I hesitate to write or talk about this because there’s so much nonsense out there pertaining to weight loss. Whether it’s those creepy “lose weight quick tips” in the margin of your email screen or just the general American obsession of ‘our body is our worthiness’ stuff, I don’t want this to be a part […]