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And that’s a wrap on Christmas. And let me tell you, it goes down as one of the most satisfactory ones to date, yet I’m not too surprised. I’ve been working up to this anxiety free existence for a truly long time and I think I can say I’ve achieved it.

My husband agreed that I was much more layed back than in previous years. I felt the simplicity of being here now and it was so enough. I was simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

Presents, more presents, brunch, dinner prep, kids playing, a walk, and more dinner prep and then we were saying our grace for the gratitude we felt. Watching Rudolph and questioning all the shame. Chocolate pecan pie, no baths, play some more, and off to bed.

9:45 pm and I left my 11 year old son listening to Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band on his new record player. Oh my how wonderful that feels. The plan that I think I should make is never as good as the one I end up living. So I guess I’ll keep doing my best and letting go of the rest.



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  1. It sounds to me like what the day you had would match up quite well with what most people make up in their heads. There is magic at Christmas when little ones are in the house.

    1. It’s those gosh darn expectations that will get you every time Mala. Sometimes littles do give you a different view of a world of hope and happiness. Then they’re yelling from the bathroom that they need help getting poo off their hands. Sigh. Merry Christmas Dear!

  2. Hiya Shalagh,
    Do enjoy your blog and follow it, but on a reader. I, myself, have taken up the blog again. Geez, that sounds like I’ve taken the veil! Perhaps a good blog is an un-veiling. But leaving a little covered like at the Kit Kat Club. I’m less on IG. It has become painfully confusing to my brain to hold all the threads together. I can’t believe I gave myself a second concussion two weeks ago. Arrrrgggh!
    Anyway, have two new posts if you care to see them.
    Merry Christmas, friend.

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