Sometimes I get snippets of joy, little brain giggles of stuff that makes me happy. A flash of color and texture. A feeling of safety or release. A dream that’s almost real in a bubble in my brain and then it’s gone. Like lucid dreaming and then I wake and slide into my reality.

Bubbles of brain joy on

I believe there is a better life than the one I am living. And I think it has to do with believing in it even more in better ways that will take me to manifesting it. I caught up with my emails in my inbox last night and among all the lovely tidbits and ahas was an exercise via Sass Petherick called the Red Bucket exercise.

Your bucket, which needn’t be red but any sort and color you’d like, is to be filled with happiness. When you get a jolt of joy from something you see, a word from a friend, and picture, a thought, or an inspiration, you write it down and stick it in the bucket. And at the end of a period of time, say a month, you dump them out and read.

Bubbles of brain joy on

What a marvelous way of beginning to be grateful for your everyday and to round up a concept of what a happier life might look like. I think there are signs all the time to a different way of perceiving but we dismiss them because they don’t fit what we’ve deemed our current life to contain. So I’m going to totally give this a try.

Starting with a note about being alone today for a little while and digging some creative time. Reading those wonderful posts. And a tag on IG where I was invited to a virtual dinner by the owner of Hedgerow General. I matter to people I’ve never even met. Wow.

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